Everything has changed. For Businesses. For Leaders. For Employees. And as things came to become normal, one thing that has become clear is that the “Power has shifted”. From profits to mutual prosperity. From organizations to people. From “me” to “we”. Disruptive innovations have created new industries and business models, by simply destroying the old ones. New technologies, data analytics and social networks have gained importance in how people communicate, collaborate and work. As generations collide, workforces are becoming more diverse. Many of the roles and job titles of tomorrow will be ones we’ve not even thought of yet. Thus, how are these developments going to affect the talent of your business needs? How can you attract, retain and motivate employees? How is HR going to change? What will the relationships between employers and employees look like in the future? And what will be the implications for Human Resources? To decode what the future of HR is going to be, we at SAPPHIRE CONNECT are glad to present the 2ND ANNUAL RETHINK HR CONCLAVE 2022 centered on the theme “REWRITE, REINVENT, REDESIGN: THE FUTURE OF HR”. Through this conclave we aim to bring the HR leaders together who are the driving forces for the various initatives in their organizations together to discuss on how they are mapping talent to value; making workforce more flexible; prioritizing strategic workforce planning, performance management, and reskilling; building an HR platform; and developing an HR tech ecosystem.